Structured Mesh enabling low latency, high capacity backhaul for mobile operators

Small cell backhaul challenges


Structured Mesh


Small cell backhaul solution = Airborne Structured Mesh

Small cells plus Airborne Networks Structured mesh enables the operator to deliver a better QOE (Quality of Experience) for their end customers

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Small cells offer network operators the ability to improve coverage and light up 2G / 3G / LTE black spots.  

However, there is still the backhaul challenge. Backhaul has to be cost effective, high capacity and low latency for both the small cell management control signalling and the actual end customer data payloads 

Backhaul can be provided to each of the small cells by GPON, NLOS / LOS wireless Point to point links, fibre, VHDSL which are often costly and complicated to install.

The availability and subsequent cost of backhaul makes or breaks the business case for the small cell

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Structured mesh creates a resilient backhaul cloud with Low latency, and consistent bandwidth over multiple successive hops. 

 With multiple routes available for data to be transmitted to and from the small cell the mesh can provide diverse routing for resilience and load balancing reducing outages and congestion

Structured mesh is fast to deploy and easy to connect to.