Structured Mesh enables low latency, high capacity networks for rural locations, campus and private networks


Private Networks & CCTV Backhaul

Airborne Structured mesh is secure, fast and cost effective to deploy and re-deploy, proven in live environments and needs no expensive and time consuming ground works. The first wireless network to offer evidence-quality video streaming in licensed or unlicensed spectrum, it is ideal for event or incident management and site security applications. Additional network access connectivity for a range of devices can be built into each structured mesh node.


Campus Networks

Airborne Evolution offers Educational institutions the chance to enhance access to local or web based content and learning resources,  cost-effectively via a private network, starting small and growing incrementally without expensive mobile access charges or ISP costs for students. Our architecture allows sharing of the network, opening the possibility of revenue generation to fully fund the build and maintenance


Rural Networks

In rural locations and private networks the business case to deploy small cells for coverage expansion is often a challenge due to the lack of availability of power, backhaul and distances involved.

This coupled with the small number of potential customers  and subsequent cost of backhaul makes or breaks the business case for the small cell


 Please contact us to find out how Airborne Structured mesh can work for your specific network needs.